Terminus is a multiplatform action game developed by 4 computer science students for the game programming seminar at Hasso-Plattner-Institute.

In only 5 months we created a fast-paced, cross-platform game which takes the player to a foreign world. You control a train that contains an incredibly important artefact called the pentachoron. You will have to fend of opponents trying to destroy your train in order to steal the artefact.

In order to protect the pentachoron you need to be fast and decisive. Switching between defensive actions like reparing your own train and offensive, shooting at your opponent to destroy and disable their wagons.

The game offers a challenging AI opponent or lets you play against your friends through local wifi connection.


Low poly graphics

Our terrain generator and hand-crafted wagon models create a unique, visually pleasing experience while being nice to your mobile graphics card.


No friend to play against? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Try beating our challenging AI player.


Compiles and runs on virtually any platform supporting Qt, C++11 and OpenGL ES 2.0. This includes Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS and others.

Automatically generated terrain

Your world will be dynamically generated on every start. Every round features another mix of intense, close range fights and strategic long-distance parts.


Want to compete with your friends? Terminus features multiplayer over TCP/IP network.


If you're interested in the technical details or want to hack the source, our Doxygen documentation should come in handy.



Download Terminus now - it's free!
You can download prebuilt binaries or check out the source code.
The source code includes a qmake project file.